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  • We love the ESP8266 because it just works.. but mostly because of it's price sub $2 - "...thousands-of-sensors-launched-out-of-a-cannon cheap...". Are you really adding 10X value here.. and endorsing a PAYG subscription - even if you use your own server? Are we losing our way Sparkfun?

  • The pcDuino appears to have the same 4 headers as the Arduino, except they are on one side of the board instead of on both edges as in the Arduino. It also looks like the pcDuino header signal names are the same as the Arduino, pin for pin.

  • With a 20MHz clock and 2.5Msps sample rate, I believe that's 8 instructions (including the output). Do you think they are doing a real NCO in 8 instructions or simply outputting from a look-up-table (regenerating the table for each frequency)?

  • I thought this kit would use one of the Analog Devices DDS chips like the AD9958 but it does not. Looking at the schematic, I don't see any NCO (numerical controlled oscillator) - it seems to be a DAC driven directly by microcontroller. Does that mean it's not really a DDS function gen?

  • Could you do a teardown of one of these please.

  • Great new product post. One little gripe - I think quadrature is not interchangeable with quadratic.

  • The sensors are arranged so that when one is on the line between black and white, the other is in the middle of either black or white. When one output is transitioning from high to low (or low to high), the other is stable, removing any uncertainty in the direction of movement which would exist with only one sensor.

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