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  • It would be great if they sold the enclosures in deeper form factors. Modifying one for a DeWalt Power pack was not simple and doesn't look as stable as a deeper enclosure could. Alternatively, two of the size here could be stacked to make a deeper mounting block, but then everything gets extra tricky!

  • "Oh Snap" could also be seen as a bit of a sarcastic remark as well, like an individual not caring about a situation that some one just explained.
    Usually, though, it's an exclamation of surprise or gloating over a situation.
    I may be wrong, but this Flow Chart seems to present some one getting "told" (also known as: informed in an embarrassing way or "owned") as a form of sarcastic gloating.
    Btw... this Flow Chart is most helpful.
    Thank you.

  • I am building a system that runs off of compressed air, rather than water. This water system looks interesting, though!

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