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  • Thanks your post gave me the key piece of information that I needed to get the Yun working with the wind, rain, pressure and humidity sensors. I used a soft I2C library( ) so interrupts are no longer an issue and ported the libraries that Sparkfun provide for each of the sensors. Anyway incase someone finds this useful I have posted the code here: This has only had a very quick test, 5 minutes on my bench, so there are probably lots of bugs lurking in the code. To get this to send back weather information you need to send a W over the serial line.

  • I’m attempting to use a soft I2C library( to get this shield to work with the Yun, but I’m noticing some odd behaviour. Here what I have tried so far. Firstly I got the the MPL3115A2 breakout board working with this library, basically converted the sample sketch with an Arduino Duemilanove. Then once that worked I got the humidity sensor to work and did a simple sketch that read from both sensors and plugged in the weather shield and it worked, much to my surprise. I also tested this with a Uno.

    Then I repeated the same process with the Yun, the MPL3115A2 breakout board worked but the weather shield did not, with Simple humidity/pressure sketch or the weather shield sketch. The other odd thing I noticed that the rain and the wind interrupt had to be swapped to read correctly.

    So can anyone here shed some light on why this may be so?

    I can share the code if anyone is interested, once I’ve tidied it up.

    *UPDATE: I got the Soft I2C to work with the weather shield and Yun when I plugged the 5V pin from the Yun to the Vin pin on the Yun, not too sure why this works because when I measured it they were about the same voltage. I will wire up the wind and rain sensors when I have time and report back if they work.

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