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C, Python, SigmaStudio

  • It was quickly discovered that unlike Mission Impossible, false ceilings will NOT hold the weight of a person trying to crawl on them...

  • Nathan walks into conference room -- "WHO LET THE ENGINEERS OUT OF THEIR OFFICES AGAIN? I warned you they like dark environments and now they have taken all of the bulbs out of the lamps!"

  • It would be cool if you guys had a live webcam feed of the manufacturing floor and some of your robots doing their robot thing...

  • I'm interested in investigating the listed applications for this device... "Digital steal camera" and "Digital handy phone" must be some new tech that I don't know about yet...

  • After Jake told everyone that he was tired of the way things were running at Sparkfun and that he was forming his own parliament, it was quite a surprise to find that he just wanted his own group of owls. (A group of owls is called a parliament.)

  • As I was taught when first starting out, "Flux is your Friend". Flux seems to help with lead-free's stubbornness to do what we want it to do.

  • Am I the only one who uses the "plug the headers into a breadboard/Arduino to make sure they are straight" trick??? For example, while soldering an Arduino shield I will put the headers into the Arduino pins then place the board onto the headers and solder the headers from there (or just tack a few pins so the headers don't move then pull the shield off and solder the rest of them)... That way you know it will fit perfectly into the Arduino!

  • I bought mine used from amazon.... Can't remember how much I paid for it then but now they have it for ~$55 if you are willing to deal with a book with its edges a little worn :)

  • "Practical Electronics for Inventors" by Paul Scherz is one of my favorites. A lot of the examples compare electronics to mechanical things. For example, section 2.3.5 is titled "Water Analogies" and explains voltage using a water pump and pipes.

  • so did you read my suggestion, get up, find a mirror, then say to yourself "that was a stupid idea"... ? :)

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