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  • The ComMotion motor controller (Sparkfun PN ROB-13257) is a DAGU product resold by Sparkfun. It has a dubious current status (as of Oct 2015). The Sparkfun link to the "Product Page" no longer works. It previously led to the letsmakerobots.com website where as well as describing the board, many critical postings relating to the unfinished nature of the firmware for the board were also available in the forum area. These critical postings are also no longer available for viewing.

    I've come across four situations now where the default DIP switch for setting the Board's I2C address is wrong as received from the manufacturer, preventing the board from working properly with the meager example driver software might be found on the Internet. If your board arrives with the four DIP I2C address switches set to ON, make sure you change them to all be set to OFF if you are using software that is configured to use the standard I2C default addresses of 30 and 31 for the board. (See the bottom of page 1 of the ComMotion Manual.pdf file)

    The board does work as a basic speed controller with up to four motors, but many advanced features such as reporting individual motor currents, battery voltage and the like are not yet implemented in the firmware. In the pages that are no longer available at the letsmakerobots site, the board's designer stated that these advanced features probably would never be implemented because higher level managers at the company thought that support costs for the product were already too high.

    If you are having trouble getting your board to work, I've posted example Arduino code at GitHub that you might want to try, that did indeed work properly once we got the DIP switches set right!


    Good luck with it!

  • There seem to be a number of questions here about command format. Of course you first want to be sure your link is configured for 1152000 bps. I'm sending my commands to the Motor Controller using the Software Serial library for the Arduino UNO board and all are coded similar to this: ss.print("1R8\r"); . Works fine.

    I did find that it is a good idea to send the FIRST command in the sketch TWICE. Otherwise it was not always effective.

  •    How come these comments are all so old?

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