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  • Strongly recommend you check out my Wireless Bootloader discussion for series 2 / zigbee.

  • Does anyone happen to have the bootloader source? I’ve looked and looked and can’t find it anywhere. I’d rather not reprogram the bootloader if I can figure out wth the current bootloader is trying to do.

  • OK, I did a bit more looking. This has to do with a technique called line passing in the old xbee firmware that mirrors the dio3 value. The rts input is used to set dio3 this cheesy way.
    Seems like it would be more robust to just send an At command to get the remote xbee to flip the dio3 line. In 2.5 I guess you can use digital change detect but who wants to change the firmware for each destination device? This seems ?

  • Taking a look through the schematics without much help it appears that the changes are:
    (1) the solder bridge on the funnel is to connect dio3 of the xbee to the reset switch on the atmega. I assume that just provides a wireless remote reset and makes good sense.
    (2) the solder bridge on the usb explorer connects the more or less unused dtr line from the usb to the dio3 line of the xbee. It makes no sense at all that I can figure since the explorer is being used as a controller. You can send whatever packets you want from the usb line. I’d love an answer to this.

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