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Started out programming as a hobby, then realized there is money to be had in it! Went to college, got my degree in Information Technology. Programmed professionally for a few years till I realized "Wow! Doing this for a living sucks!" Got a job fixing computers with the best locally owned company in the area and have been there now for 6 years. Time for a change though, looking to move over to Network Administration soon.

Always been interested in doing electronic projects, but holy cow monkeys it took me forever to get the money and required items together, till I saw an Arduino kit one day that was reasonably priced. Got it up and running in no time, been hooked ever since. Sparkfun helped tremendously with the tutorials and I browse the site daily.

hopefully will join the AVCs in 2015

  • Shawns energy is excreted through his kryptonian skin cells and he harvests it with his green lantern ring. The ring was constructed specially for him in issue 134 because the lantern that recharge the ring was destroyed by bizarro superman. The concept worked and we have the resultant shawn.

  • Database optimization was the most convoluted, complex course I had in college. It is more mathematical than you could imagine it to be. There are people who make a living optimizing databases for this very reason- lost productivity. I would like to suggest a simpler query on the update. 5 seconds of lock is very very very high. Sounds like a Database Manager position is warranted.

    And just to help you guys out, take your time on my order, no pressure :)

  • Not false advertising - it was a programming ERROR - these things happen. They made it right - chill out dude.

    1. They do not sleep at Sparkfun, they are allowed to go home.
    2. Economics - They are not going to stock 5000 boards - that is not wise or feasible sometimes, or even possible other times
    3. Backorders were allowed, so you will get them no matter what.
  • Putting something in your cart doesn't take it out of inventory - no site does that. I am sure items in your cart only update the inventory after you paid for the item. Otherwise, Sparkfun would be in trouble - the other day I accidentally updated the quantity in my cart from 1 to 1111. That would have caused their entire stock to be unavailable :( Yay for safeguards!

  • To those of you that set alarms for midnight, stayed up till midnight or took off early from work - just to order something - I ask WHY? They stated clearly that back orders were allowed. So they had a bit of a SNAFU with it at MIDNIGHT (when everyone is in bed - or should be). Then you berate them because of a hiccup. It is not as if they tried to be sneaky and screw you out of something, that is not how they roll, or we would not be their loyal customers. You can still order your products even tonight at 10pm - with the same result, you will get the discount - so just calm down, breathe and enjoy the fact that Sparkfun decided to be nice and promote Arduino at their expense, and to our benefit.

    To Sparkfun Employees - I have been in this kind of SNAFU before, it sucks. Thank you guys for the splendid job and the discount :)

  • LOVE the Audrey II ! ! As for your project, good luck, cant wait to read how you did. Can I assume that you will be using muscle wire for the blooming efffect? Or something more..... elusive?

    BTW too bad this post got short changed, the great Trademark Incident of 2014 dwarfed your spotlight.

  • Crowd designed Multimeter... yay! My two cents.... better leads, buttons and a slider instead of a dial, self sensing voltage selector, continuity, a better flip stand, awesome documentation a kid could figure out, a hanger on the back to hang it up on at a workbench, and LED flashlight (detachable optional), and just a thought.... GPS location for when your co workers use it and never return it, maybe even a self destruct tied into an rfid if the meter gets beyond a certain footage away from your desk? Just a thought LOL. But seriously, I think a crowd designed MM would be great!

    Oh and bluetooth, everything is better with bluetooth ;)

  • Good job Fluke and thanks Sparkfun for donating! This is why we stick around.

  • Well I am impressed with their response. Love the fact that Sparkfun will donate them, classy and the correct move on both parties part.

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