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  • If I’d paid more attention to what danvm said above, I might have saved a lot of frustration today. Since I didn’t I’ll just repeat it: This version of the XBee doesn’t just “improve on the data protocol”, it’s completely different. As I understand it, the original XBees work for simple point-to-point communication straight out of the box, more or less. (You need to set source and destination addresses, but it’s easy.) To make two of these talk to each other, you need to flash one with the “coordinator” firmware–which requires the X-CTU program, which is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 2003 only.
    I’ll give that a try before sending these back, but I suspect I’d be up and running by now if I’d gotten the old XBees instead.
    Update: I flashed one (on windows xp, grumble grumble) with the coordinator firmware (the other came with the latest client firmware) and they’re talking to each other as soon as I plug them in. So.. Maybe that rant was a bit premature. :)

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