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  • Cool, if anyone else is wondering where their code is, check your email. Thanks, Sparkfun

  • So I got two questions answered (and stuck trying to submit the third)….but I tried to get my code and 404 page not found?

  • “I’m curious how well a KAW measures True Power. Has anyone measured (with a multimeter) voltage (V) and current (I) of various devices, multiplied the measured V and I, and compared the result to what a KAW indicates? If there is a large difference for a motor load, and a small difference for a lamp or toaster, then the KAW is reporting True Power."
    The KAW measures true power. If you measure both current and voltage at the same time, and find the phase difference, it’s pretty easy to calculate.
    The KAW will give you Volts, Amps, frequency, power factor, watts, Voltamps and kilowatthours

  • For an AC system, Power = Volts x Amps x Power Factor
    Your description defines VoltAmps (which in a DC system = Watts)
    Power Factor is just how closly the Voltage and Current waveforms are in sync. If you place an inductor or capacitor on an AC line, you’ll have current and voltage, but no power used (the power factor would be a lagging or leading 1)

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