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  • My understanding is RMC and VTG have sorta the same info, except RMC velocity is in knots and VTG reports in kph. Pehaps it is reading to much into the accuracy in either case but if the application requirment is for .1 kph resolution, you cant get the out of xxx.x knots (RMC).

    I did request SkyTraq for custom software which they promptly supplied, I was impressed.

  • What are other settings that might throttle vtg update rate ? I can get >1 hz on rmc, but not vtg.

  • Ever get > 1 HZ update to work for other messages ? I am trying to update vtg faster but no success yet.

  • running 38400 baud. Using SkyTraq trying to increase up date rate, which I can for RMC. However cannot get update > 1 Hz for VTG.

    tz states "RMC, GLL, GGA, VTG are all sent at the 20Hz or other value but can be throttled with another setting. "

    Please advise what the possibilities for "throttled with another setting" might be.

  • I see a comment explaining an issue someone was having going to 38400 baud. I wonder if I am having a similar issue only I can make 57600 work but not 115200. When I set to 115200 using the GPS viewer the gps goes to 115200 (as evidenced on a scope) but I cannot ever again establish communication until switch to boot from ROM and start over. Which by the way seems to work (boot from ROM) unpredictablly, but maybe thats just me and not the point.

    I am using a software serial port and wonder if going across the 65535 boundery is an issue...or if there are any other ideas.

    Here is the test code i use:

     #include <SoftwareSerial.h> 
     SoftwareSerial GPS(10,11); // 10 is RX, 11 is TX
     void setup()
         GPS.begin(57600);  //57600 works  115200 does not work
    void loop()
        if(GPS.available()) Serial.write(;
        if(Serial.available()) GPS.write(;
  • I know there are probably more sophiscated ways of doing this but..... I assemble an array of data as follows:


    Which leaves me with an array of ascii (I think).

    Now I want to display some of the data on the


    What I get on the display is 48 which is the ascii code for 0. What I want to display is the 0. So I suppose I have some kind of types thing going on but think the only choices for the LCD are printStr and printNum. Print num complaims about a conversion to char* which I dont understand yet but may be right way to go about it?

  • Is there a printNum() equlivant for printing unsigned int?

  • I figured it out. It was where the lib was located, thanks for the clues.

  • All I know is when i do help/about arduino it says 1.0.5-r2. What should the lib structure be ?

  • Cannot get SerialGraphicLCDDemo.ino to compile (Arduino 1.0.5-r2). When it hits line:

    LCD LCD;

    get "'LCD' does not name a type", then a bunch of errors complaining about 'LCD' was not declared in this scope

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