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Darran Hunt

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  • Nice one Chris :).

  • If you're using the Arduino 1.0 IDE, then after you have used it to burn the bootloader, you then load the sketch the normal way.

  • Cheers Dean. I'll give the arduino thread another week and then see if I can convince Roving Networks to fix the bug.

    The GainSpan looks interesting, although it costs twice as much and is only 802.11b.

  • Is anyone else seeing this firmware crash with 2.32? I've posted it here: arduino.cc forums.

    Basically if you attempt to open a TCP connection and it fails, then attempt two or three more connections that work the firmware crashes and the WiFly reboots. Here's my serial log of the crash: set ip host AOK set ip remote 80 AOK open Connect FAILED

     lookup google.com
     set ip host
    *CLOS* open
    Unrecoverable failure (7) Misaligned address at PC=0002fb68
    The system will be reset
  • Umm, wouldn't you just set a channel, transmit a few packets, repeat for next channel (etc)?

    Where are you stuck?

  • I've written an Arduino library for the RN-XV. Version 0.1 is available here github/WiFlyHQ. At the moment it supports hardware and software serial interfaces, sending and recieving UDP packets, making TCP connections and sending and receiving data over the connection.

    I plan to add support for all of the RN-XV features, but if you are interested in anything specific then post a request or comment on github and I'll work on that next.


  • I had no problems getting three series 2 XBees to work. One is the coordinator, one is a router, and the third is and end device that sleeps for 10 minutes, wakes up and takes some measurements and sends them back to the coordinator, then sleeps again. Looks like a great mesh networking technology.

    The only nasty part was that xctu only runs on Windows so I ended up having to install Windows XP in a VM just to use it to configure the XBees.

  • Awesome product. Very easy to setup and use. I've only tried UDP so far but the TCP and HTTP support looks easy too.

    I did have a problem when I updated to the 2.30 firmware - stopped associating with my Airport Extreme, but dropping back to 2.27 fixed the problem.

    I'm using it with an xbee shield from seeedstudio that I had for zigbee experiments.

  • Yes it does. Its quite easy to do. I've posted details on my blog along with source code, MIDI USB device firmware for the UNO's atmega8u2, and a sample sketch to send 5 notes to the host PC. Details here: UNO MIDI USB driver.

  • These are a lot thinner than I expected, not like normal pins. They won't stand up to a lot of insertions and may not make good contact with the socket, I really don't recommend them.

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