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  • Works well for me with a Raspberry Pi. I wrote some threaded C++ code to read weights repeatedly into an array. I also wrote a Python wrapper so you can do that from a Python/C module. Just got around to putting code on GitHub.

    We used it to log data for mice

  • According to the docs for the ID-20LA: “Pin6 is used as a ‘Tag in Range’ indicator. When a tag is in range the pin is set to VDD voltage else it is at 0v. Pin6 output has an internal 3K3 resistor and may be used to drive an LED directly.”

    Naturally, Pin 6 is not connected on the breakout board either. But it does function as advertised, going high when a tag is first read and staying high until the tag is out of range, at which point it goes low. Perhaps easier than having to cut a trace, but you still have to solder onto the pad.

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