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  • Product DEV-11780 | about a year ago

    Great to see that you have brought this board into your shop :-)

    I just stumbled upon a tiny typo in the description though: “beings a few other features to the table as well” I guess it should be: “brings a few other features to the table as well”

  • Product ROB-10336 | about 2 years ago

    I just got this platform but one of the motors is VERY noisy, like a scratching sound. I guess it comes from the gearing itself and I am unsure if it will affect the performance? All the 3 other motors sounds fine. What can I do?

  • Product PRT-08534 | about 2 years ago

    When will you get this in stock again? Any expected delivery date?

  • News - Free Day is TODAY! | about 2 years ago

    We from TKJ Electronics are ready to help heating up your systems. Regards from Denmark

  • Product TOL-10806 | about 3 years ago

    The DS1052E/1102E are almost identical with this one. The only difference is a slightly change in the button colors and rounded corners, while the software/interface is the same.
    I’ve got the DS1052E and I can only recommend it as a beginner or hobby use. This can definitely also be used for more professional measures, like FPGA signal integrity checking and rising/falling times.
    At all, it’s a great scope with a nice price.

  • Product DEV-09931 | about 3 years ago

    As an alternative to this board there is also the LPCxxxx STAMP board series from MCUZone.
    Take a look at the following review of their LPC1766 and LPC2368 board: http://blog.tkjelectronics.dk/2010/12/lpc1766-lpc2368-stamp-boards/

  • News - Copenhagen Video Part II | about 3 years ago

    There are also one in Aarhus called “Hack Aarhus” or “Open Space Aarhus”.
    I am also trying to start one here in Holstebro (DK too), and I might be able to get some funds from the government to rent the rooms and buy some of the equipment.
    Best Regards
    Thomas Jespersen
    TKJ Electronics

  • News - Copenhagen Suborbital | about 3 years ago

    Yeah it’s awesome, especially when you live in Denmark…
    Though sometimes I would like to live in the US or Canada :)

  • Product CEL-00277 | about 5 years ago

    Great board!
    I’ve made an Eagle Libary of this board, to use this evaluation board, connected to my own PCB via two female-headers!

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