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  • Good day, I am having trouble getting the Purpletooth Jamboree (PJ) working with a Plantronics Voyager Pro headset. This is just a bluetooth headset for phones. I wish to send music to the headset thru the PJ and allow the wearer to also sing into the mic and have that at the PJ for output. Currently just trying to get music playing in the Plantronics earpiece. I can successfully get music playing from the PJ to a Sony Bluetooth headset, just a set of earphones basically. And I can get the BT127 to xmit the music to another BT127. (Input is just hooked to an iPod playing music). I can successfully get an iPhone to transmit music via bluetooth to the Plantronics earpiece. So I think I am using the correct sequence of commands to the BT127 (I am using a terminal emulation to send the cmds direct, I am not using the Arduino), and all the hardware is good. I am using the play button on the board to initiate the music play cmd, since the Plantronics nor the Sony have AVRCP. I have the screen captures of the commands and the BT127 responses, the status and list command outputs and the “config” cmd output if needed. It is almost as though the Plantronics is not directing the A2DP stream to the earpiece? But the iPhone can successfully get it to do it. While I don’t understand it, I have also tried to use the “set audio=x” for all values, to no avail. Can someone give me a hint of what I might be doing wrong and need to do to make this configuration work please?

    Thank you, Pete

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