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  • Just in case you missed it -- that's almost half an inch. Not really usable for anything beyond a toy.

  • 3D printed parts in a $2200 printer? Even my $1,300 flashforge had injection molded parts.

  • Bought there, thank you. Also got the camera boards for $25 each, instead of the inflated $35 or $40 as some other sites have.

  • Suggestion: Price it at $99. That's still a bit much for a toy, but such as the nature of these DIY robotics. $399 is simply silly for a toy. I could see $199 or $249 if it used stepper motors with a positional accuracy closer to 1mm.

  • I've seen this in action on EEVBlog. The accuracy is necessarily lousy -- determined by your PCM resolution and the quality of the servos. The worst engineering miss on there was the connectivity -- the USB and power plug into the electronics "carriage" and whip around your workbench.

    I see no more than $100 in parts there, so the price is ludicrous. It was bad enough on their kickstarter, but this is seriously deranged.

  • Aww, so glad this sold out before I could order it. When I saw the email, I immediately thought of using an RPi and TFT to turn it into a portable imager. Seek Thermal wasn't even on my radar. Low stock saved me $300, and I have a nice toy... ahem... tool to check the insulation during the cold season.

    Related though -- the Flir E4 has the same resolution is this, but could be hacked to the same resolution of the much more expensive E8, at expense of frame rate. Is this potentially possible with this breakout as well, or does Flir really make two distinct sensors, and only decided to fit the E4 and E8 with the same, higher-spec sensor? If so, the $5K price disparity between the two seems a bit... uhm... artificial, no?

  • This is actually quite a popular retail product, available at Target and (cheaper) at Amazon. The latter might have a better return policy than SF. There are a few videos on youtube about this, and it seems stable. My son wanted it for Christmas, but I think it'll go the way of Zoomer (which I gave my daughter last year). I don't think it's worth $100, nor is it made to be tinker-friendly. It appears quite limited, and I can't see it holding a child's interest for more than a few hours. As a plus, though, the Android app doesn't ask for excessive permissions.

  • The Fire is merely "based" on Android. Amazon/Lab126 forked off the AOSP and build their own ecosystem around it. It's a headache to develop for if you attempt to do anything remotely Google (maps, game, GCM, etc) related.

  • What's the point of this cable? Why are you selling it?? I just fried a $40 sensor because any sane person would assume that a cable labeled/moulded 3.3V would deliver 3.3V Vcc.

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