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José Heriberto López

Member Since: March 1, 2014

Country: Mexico

  • “Nobody told me that the earthquake was over!”

  • Any coupon for this year?

  • Do you want me to be honest?… I REALLY WANTED to buy some SFE red boxes, (as the one on the picture) :-( … But it seems they’re discontinued… Would you consider to sell them again someday? Pleeeeeeease?

  • “I just came to SFE to upgrade my cosplay with some wearables…”

  • “They told me I could be anything, so I became an electronics' sorcerer…”

  • “Well, at least this is a "Hot Rod” I can play with."

  • I really want this boxes back so bad! :( … Please, bring them again!

  • Hi! Thanks for the suggestion! The small vibrating motors would help to tell the user that they are about to arrive to a certain place (with the “where am I?” function, using GPS with the “Companion Hat” :D. Thanks & regards :)



    PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: There are some blind people who like to walk around the city mostly by themselves. But, how they do it? Because they have developed along their blind years, a kind of a “sense”, knowing where to walk, making sounds with they mouth (or with a stick, or any object) and using those sounds like an “echo” (exactly like bats use echo, or submarines use “sonar” sounds).

    Unfortunately, to develop this “sense” is not always easy for every blind people. Because each person has a different sense of “hearing” (some people hear better “bass sounds”, and some other people hear better “treble sounds”). And even worst, the “hearing sense”, changes for every person when they’re aging. This means, that if some blind person learns how to walk using “echo sounds” with certain sound, maybe the same sound, would not work for the same person in the next 5 years.

    Also, another problem for the blind people, is when they travel on public transportation. They are not concerned every time if they have already arrived to their destination, or if they can take a public transportation on that site.

    PROBLEM SOLUTION To solve both problems (“echo navigation” and “where am I?” function) It would be helpful to develop a: Trrrtrtrtrtrtrtrttrtrtrtrttr (snare drum sound)… “COMPANION HAT FOR BLIND PEOPLE” .

    It would be a hat, which produces “echo sounds”, when the persons needs to walk. And could be fully configurable. The user could regulate how they need it to sound (more like a bass or more like a treble, adjusting their hearing needs). Also, they could configure to make sounds every certain time. (for example, make an echo each 2 second, each 4 seconds, or manually each time a button is pressed. Depending on their needs).

    And for the “transportation issue”, there would be a function of “where am I?”, in which the hat would tell the user their exact location, or if they are about to arrive to certain place they want to go.

    COMPONENTS NEEDED * 1 x Fashionable Hat! * 1 x LilyPad MP3 (DEV-11013) * 1 x Thin Speaker (COM-10722) * 1 x GPS Receiver (GPS-10890) * Some “LilyPad Button Board” (DEV-08776)

    HOW TO DO IT The Lilypad MP3 would be programmed to generate some “echo sounds” with the Thin Speaker, adjustable (duration, bass and treble) using the buttons. Also, the GPS would tell to the Lilypad if the user is near a place they wanted to go. If they’re near, the LilyPad MP3 would tell the user using the thin speaker, or using headphones (if wanted).

    Also, the Lilypad could be programmed to tell the user if they can take a bus near their location. All of this, of course, would be attached to a fashionable hat! So the user can never lose their SWAG :D.

    Hope you like my idea :) Regards from Mexico :D

    José Heriberto López.

  • I really wanted to buy a big bunch of those boxes, and now are “retired” :( … Are you going to produce them again someday?

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