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  • Might be a better use of money than the Free Day.

  • I am almost certain this does not work with openocd as claimed. I tried nearly every permutation of commands possible, but the processor would always prefetch abort at a random memory address with the example project.
    For Mac users, this works great with Rowley CrossWorks. I recommend you try CrossWorks at first rather than wasting time with openocd, as that is unlikely to work. CrossWorks works fine with the mini usb jtag connector from Olimex sold on this site.
    There is a catch, however, as you will have to modify one line of the LCD driver to make it work properly with the new displays they are shipping. There’s a tech note about that on thaieasyelec’s web site.

  • Excellent to hear Safari had such a high market share! Go Safari!

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