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Mike Harris

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  • I agree here. I got a couple of these shields to sit on top of an Arduino Uno Rev3, Ethernet Shield, and an Arduino Yun. This proto shield doesn't fit on any of them. On the Arduino Uno it makes contact with the USB-B port. On the Yun and Ethernet shield, it makes contact with the ethernet port. On the Yun it also makes contact with the USB-A port. I received v2 of the protoshield. This is a significant flaw in my opinion with regard to the design of the board. I would have expected someone to have noticed with v1, that the board will not seat on these Arduinos. With the Yun, it begins to make contact just as you set the male header pins into the female pins of the Yun. You can not seat the shield.

    EDIT: (SOLVED) I inserted an additional set of stackable headers (PRT-11417) between the Arduino Board and the ProtoShield Kit!

  • I agree, many of the sensors are directly on the board. I was planning on using this in an environmentally stable enclosure (no light, controlled temp, weather proof, dust proof, etc). It would be great if this board had the sensor connect via connectors, so that I can locate the sensors outside, while the shield, arduino and other electronics are safely inside. Looks like I'll have to build my own version and use this board to prototype the software with.

    Another thing that I noticed, the weather shield and the ProtoShield (DEV-07914) both do not fit on the Arduino Uno, Arduino Ethernet Shield, or the Arduino Yun. They all make contact with either the ethernet connector metal case, the USB-A port, or the USB-B port (on the Uno) and cannot be fully seated on the headers. I presume metal around the ports are all grounded and would therefor ground this shield and the ProtoShield (leds, resistors, and switches). Not sure which Arduinos the shields will fit on.

    EDIT: (SOLVED) I inserted an additional set of stackable headers (PRT-11417) between the Arduino Board and the Weather Shield. Additionally, I'm going to use the weather shield as is, since it has the pressure sensor, rain and wind connectors, etc already, and they will work within the enclosure. The on board humidity and temp will give me data for temp within the enclosure. Then, I'm going to add an additional board on top that will have a RJ-11 connector that I'll connect additional temp and humidity (for inside and outside of my greenhouse) via I2C to multiple HTU21D Humidity Sensor Breakout (SEN-12064) boards.

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