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  • I have multiple calibrated Fluke 87s and they've always been dead-accurate and rock-solid. I can understand why Fluke absolutely HAS to protect their "look and feel" and why they have a "look and feel" to begin with - brand recognition is pretty important in areas where low-quality knockoffs can directly result in injury or death. You DO NOT want to trust your fingers to the insulation quality on a set of test leads when testing kilovolt/kiloamp circuits if it came from who-knows-where.

    Glad to hear that even though they're a pretty big company Fluke is apparently still sane/reasonable. Seems like the bigger the company gets the more crazy they become. This was both a smart move from the PR perspective, and a sound means of enforcing your IP without kicking the little guy in the left nut to do it. And if that means some schools score high-end gear for free, it's a win for all involved.

  • Unlike global warming, we -can- prove anthropogenic effect!
    Yeah, I went there. ;-)

  • Already at the grown-up table, care to join us? :-D

  • NStoney: Think about it... microprocessors are like drugs for nerds; Once they get a taste, they only want more & more!
    So says my PIC development board. And my homebuilt 4000+ point breadboard with ATMega328s all over it. And the AVRICE mark-two on my desk. And the copies of MikroPascal, WinAVR, AVR Studio, etc. etc. etc. on my computer.
    uCs are geek crack. Stay away, lest ye be hooked!

  • And this is why I'm amazed at the vitriol from the folks who didn't get anything (like me). Seriously, did everyone that's upset about how this went down NOT realize the servers were going to be pounded? I -knew- SFE was DDoSing itself, and was only off by four minutes on my end-of-run guess as a result. :-D

  • EXACTLY. Some people will -never- be happy in a situation like this if they were among the vast majority of folks that didn't get to place a discounted order.

  • Nope, I didn't get a thing. I couldn't get page one of the site to load from 8:50 to 10:50 and by the time I even saw my shipping options the run was over. My cart remains as it was, and I'll probably send it in as a regular order next week sometime once the shipping people recover from their impending nightmare.
    But I'm not going to go find another hobby because I didn't get some free stuff, nor do I consider a failure to get free stuff to be a crushing blow to the spirit. Some folks here are reacting as though SFE kicked their puppy down a flight of stairs, and that's just ridiculous IMO.

  • First, I can whine with the best of 'em. My whine-fu is strong. :-D
    Second, too many people are acting like they were personally insulted because they could not get freebies. That's just dumb no matter what the excuse. If you're a sad panda because you wasted two hours hitting F5, I repeat the sentiment to get over yourself, as you probably waste more time than that F5ing other sites.
    Third, you -did- see that they had, as a goal of the project, a desire to small-scale-sponsor the DIY community as a whole, not solely their customer base, did you not? Looks to me like they achieved that goal to an extent, win-and-resell lamers notwithstanding.
    Could SFE have done this differently? Sure, and I'd think a lottery where people submit their E-mail and physical addresses for a chance at one of 1,000 $100 credits may have been the more friendly way to do it, but that wouldn't have given them the kind of load test they might have been looking for to satisfy goal #3. That said, I don't see how SFE could have been any more transparent about the reasoning, goals, and concerns surrounding their promo.

  • To everyone that feels that they were burned, all I can say is this:
    SFE gave away a hundred thousand bucks' worth of goodies to over a thousand people in less than two hours, and made it VERY CLEAR how it was going down, -including- warning that traffic would be a nightmare. There was no prerequisite requirement such as being an existing customer, only the thrill of the hunt and the very real possibility of coming up empty-handed, which I among a myriad of others did. Am I upset about it? Nope, still gonna order some goodies from here because I use the crap outta Arduino Pro Minis and SFE's Arduino-fu is exceptionally strong.
    Anyone that still have the colossal gall to be upset because they didn't get something for nothing needs to go outside and interact with something other than a computer for a while.
    In short, if you're whining like a tired toddler because you didn't get some freebies, get over yourself.

  • Agreed. Some folks doth protest too much. ;-)

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