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  • I'm running an mbed board with a serial connection on pins PTC3 (rx) and PTC4 (tx). I'm sending the commands out as I see in the manual on the tx pin (connected to rx pin of camera), however, I never get the "ACK command" back on the rx line (connected to tx pin of camera)? Are the commands in Hex or Decimal or something else? Any suggestions on how to get the camera to acknowledge?

  • Pete-O, thanks for all your assistance! The explanations were very thorough. DC voltage amplification seems like a common problem to me though, do practitioners typically just build small circuits then to accomplish this? I would think there would be a board just like this one but for DC voltage, do you know of any products like that? From Sparkfun or others?

  • I tried putting some solder on the two capacitors and while it was quite difficult (I'm not so experienced with a soldering iron) I managed to do so. I also turned the trim pot all the way up (I tried both directions). However, when spun all the way to the right I get 5.05 V on the output (with happens to be the input voltage so I am concerned I short circuited the board electronics somehow) and when it's all the way to the left I get 0.5 V but it doesn't change regardless of the sensor output. Any further suggestions would be great, else I will look for an alternative route on this project. Thanks again for all your advice!

  • Thanks Pete-O! Quick follow up question. I'm not sure how to read the circuit diagram but what I can deduce is there are three capacitors on this breakout. I think C5 is the one on the left hand side connected to In, but I'm not sure which is C6. Is it the one on the bottom right or top center? These orientations assume you are holding the board so you can read the labels on the in/out put terminals. Thanks again!

  • I have some Li-Cor 210 light sensors (current producing) wired over a 604 Ohm resistor(to get a voltage). I am then using a NI-6008 DAQ to get the voltage signal into my computer. But the max voltage is very small, about 0.001 V, and thus the NI-6008 is not accurate enough. I ordered a few of these and hooked the sensor ground to the GND, the sensor positive coming from the resistor to In, and put a 5V potential on VCC. The problem is now no matter the light source, I only get a 2.5 V signal out of the Out. I have also tried all trim pot locations to no avail. Is this fixable or is the board only for AC circuits? Thanks and I appreciate any advice.

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