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  • Good tutorial. I have a few comments.
    If you change the isolation to 12mil that is sufficient to break pours that occur between standard 0.1" headers. This may or may not affect your board. I have also never seen a problem yet from Gold Phoenix (used by batchpcb). In fact if you receive a board with a pour into a signal, I would suggest you return it and ask for a replacement because that is sloppy quality control.
    Because Gold Phoenix can do down to 7mil for a two-sided board it shows that their masks have quite good resolution. Some other low cost manufacturers can only do 10 mil and these are the ones I would be more concerned about.
    My personal preference is not to tent the vias, especially if it is a prototype board. This is because I sometimes use the vias to help with testing.
    I also either move the via or silkscreen to ensure that the silk screen is not over a hole.

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