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  • Just out of curiosity, I notice that if I keep refreshing the SPE home page that errors constantly come up. If I keep refreshing, eventually it comes back online and when I navigate to the capcha page the giveaway $ refreshes. Now, if I stay on the capcha page unsuccessfully entering capchas, I notice 2 things. 1st, I never get an error and second the giveaway $ never updates. So it begs the question, am I "unsuccesfully" entering capcha for nothing at all without first refreshing and waiting for the errors to clear?

  • "I have never heard of anyone who has managed to solder him-/herself in the eye."
    I'll tell you what I've done many times...rolled my workstation chair backwards not realizing that the irons cord was snagged on the armrest and suddenly a hot iron is rocketing towards me.

  • Phonetic trademark infringement...please! That's lawyerese for hey we got nothing to lose, why not call their bluff? Why not change the name to sabarchfun...wait that won't work!

  • Speaking of shocks, I hope you guys take better precautions with regards to static while doing the actual QC testing!

  • Philip you beat me to it! Don't worry about modifying all your footprint libraries, just get the breadboard out.

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