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  • The Yun has a lot of potential but I regret purchasing it. I've spent far more time fighting with things that should work out of the box than actually using it.

    Two examples:

    The wifi is shaky. There are a variety of threads about this on the web but no definitive fixes that work for everyone. For me, it usually forgets it has wifi after 20 minutes to 3 hours and requires reset(s) before it can be used again.

    Most recently, they changed the serial (usb) baud rate to 250,000. The latest version of the Arduino software that supports the Yun still goes up only to 115,200. As an aside, you have to use a Beta version of the software - the Yun still isn't supported in the official version unless it was added very recently. Anyway, I did find a thread pointing out how to change the baud rate programmatically, but also a warning that it should be consistent between the ROM and the library. To change the library I believe I have to download and build it, which really shouldn't be necessary on Windows. To change the ROM... well, I don't know that I CAN change the ROM. In any case, this is way more of a science project than I signed up for.

    If it worked out of the box and let you program using the Linux-based wifi-supporting SOC and was well integrated with the ATMEGA chip, it would be great. Perhaps some use it in such a way that they don't hit the nasty problems I've hit (see 2 representative samples above). For me, it's been a an unstable piece of junk with many known problems that don't seem to get addressed.

    If you're into science projects and have a lot of free time (or feel lucky), this may be the board for you. If you actually have projects in mind that require a stable platform, this probably isn't it.

  • I have a (possibly disturbing) plan to build a semi-robotic cat. The plan is to start with a plush toy cat and add electronics inside until I end up with a cat-like thing that will respond to basic voice commands like "nice kitty" and "bad kitty" and make appropriate cat sounds. Ideally I'd like "evil kitty" to cause it to turn it's head towards the source of the sound, turn on red LEDs behind the (toy) eyes, and let out a terrifying yowl. This project may be beyond me but I'm nibbling away at it a bite at a time. So far I have learned how to write sketches, operate servos, control LEDs, and reprogram an Arduino remotely using a bluetooth shield. I just picked up a an EasyVR, so the voice recognition part is next. I'm considering options for the meows and other less-positive cat sounds. Maybe a LilyPad?

    The whole project is rather a stretch for a software person like me, but I've learned a lot already and haven't run out of steam so far. I think I know how to do most of the things I want to do (in theory at least) but no idea yet how to sense the direction speech is coming from and point the head there.

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