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  • Wow, you guys are just out of stock for pretty much everything huh? Both soldering stations you carry are BO, most of the good solder, ribbon cables, your meter is discontinued, SparkFun is kinda hurting right now...

  • Don't take this as an official statement of any kind, but my ASSUMPTION is that these are included in a kit and therefore should still available until stock runs out, at which point the kit will probably be updated to include whatever new meter they start carrying to replace it. I'm pretty sure that if the meter was no longer available even in the kit, they would have changed the listing to include a different meter, or removed the listing for it altogether.

  • Using AC mains as timing source has nothing to do with the voltage, which will definitely vary quite a bit according to load.

    The time reference comes from the FREQUENCY of said alternating voltage; 60 Hz (or 50, if you're from some weird country :P). This can vary a little bit over short term but is impressively accurate over 24-hr periods as the power generation company adjusts the generator output to compensate.

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