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  • Thanks for the heads up on this ;)

  • I believe the division by 310.3 assumes that you are running on 3.3V. The analogRead function reports a value between 0-1023. So the conversion divides the analogRead value by 310.3 to convert from bit to voltage. (1024 bits / 3.3V = 310.3 bits/volt). I think the equation is a bit inaccurate though, notice I said 1024/3.3. If the input is full scale then the pin reports 1023, so 3.3 * 310.3 should be 1023 but its not. Instead of dividing by 310.3, you should divide by 310.

  • In today's news: 2 Hackers were accidentally shrunken while working on their top secret death ray project. The suspects can be seen here holding what appears to be a giant blob of solder and an ATmega328.