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  • How short of a string did you cut yours into? And what sort of battery do you use to power up the lights? I just spewed on and on in the comment above yours asking for some help! You seem like the right person to ask! <3

  • Hope someone can help me out on this!

    I’m looking to get this product and a suitable battery/battery pack to go with it. I want to cut these down into 10 light pieces and use them much like the “fairy lights” you can find in the bridal section of craft stores. (Those are sold as 12 light/4.5 foot strands and run off 2 coin cell batteries in a fairly slim battery pack. I believe the batteries are 2032’s? I’ll have to double check). I make masks and I add lights to them often, but the current product I am using is WAY over priced and too bulky. I’ll be soldering my own LED lights from now on, and RGB string lights are on my list of soon-to-be-offered options!

    My hope is to purchase these and solder them to a battery pack that is slim enough to be placed on the face without discomfort. My customers are all informed not to leave the lights on for extended periods of time to reduce the risk of burns from hot batteries and (obviously) to extend the life of the batteries.

    So now, my questions: For a strand of only 10 lights, what sort of resistor, if any, should I be using? And in order to get these lights to cycle through all their colors, what kind of battery should I look into getting? Coin cell is a must, it cannot be heavy or bulky as my masks rely on ear straps to stay on. :)

    I’m so terribly new to the world of LEDs and electrical wiring, any and all help, even the smallest tidbit, would be vastly appreciated! If you feel like this requires a longer explanation than should be rattled on about in a comment, feel free to email me or use the contact form on my website, (this way you can check out the masks as well!)

    Thank you everyone for everything in advance! <3

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