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  • Good luck! I'm right along with you.....ordered the weather sensor station and a couple of XBee's a few days ago.

  • I'm wondering if it's best to use the meters with the weather shield, or just cut off the RJ11's and feed the wires directly to my Arduino? It may be more code-work, but it seems like it wouldn't be too hard to just poll the data and insert some formulas. Any feedback?

  • I tried that "fix". Still no luck with the S3B's, and now they're just collecting dust. XCTU wouldn't recognize the module to configure it, and tera term would return ERROR on most of the AT commands. I have since ordered a Digi interface board, but have not gotten back to them. I just keep using the S2B Pro's for now.

  • Any feedback on the BMP180 versus the T5403?

  • Exact same problem here. I could not configure the radio through XCTU or tera term. I removed the LED and all that mess, but still no luck. I noticed most of the AT commands were returning errors in tera term so I gave up and returned to the Series 2B's.

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