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  • Well, These mosfets looked like a great deal when I first saw them. A dollar for a 30 amp mosfet? Wow, that was a great deal. I ordered 8 of them.... I built a light duty inverter with them, pushing no more than 1 amp at 5 volts. All the mosfets started to leak current, well 4 of them I used for the inverter. I even had them heat sinked. I had 4 left, and I used them for some bread board prototyping.... Well 2 of them broke int hat case, they would not close the damn circuit! They leaked 10% of the current I was running through them. I had 2 left, and I was building a motor controller.... They are rated for 30 amps right? Well ran 20 amps through one, and after a few cycles... It started to leak... 40% of the current I was running through it. So when the voltage at the gate was zero, 6 amps were running through the mosfet. it would not turn off. I have no idea why they did this.

    I hooked them up properly, heat skined them.... What the hell is wrong with these mosfets? They are really setting my projects back. Anyone got any advice?

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