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  • I have an old mame cabinet, however, the computer in it died and I haven't done anything with it in years. However, with RetroPie and PiPlay I started looking at the RPi as the computer for it. I have been playing around with the RPi2. Right now I am running PiPlay because it has advmame which uses a newer version of mame than mame4all. It plays everything I want, except 1942: The Loop Master. Apparently those older versions have issues with CP2.

    Right now I have the RPi2 hooked up to my big screen TV and using a wired Xbox controller while I try it out. I am noticing advmame is having resolution issues for some games. It doesn't autodetect some correctly so you have to go through the trouble of manually setting video resolution.

    I like your design. The only thing I would add is a trackball because I love games like Centipede and Missile Command.

    I will want to update my control panel and how it connects. It is removable. However, I built it 15 years ago. So the control panel connects to the an Ipac that stays in the cabinet. To make it removable I used a parallel port connector. I need to update everything to USB based controllers and then only a single USB cable is needed.

  • I hope so. I would love to see a complete Zen Toolworks kit. The 7x12 mill with the extruder attachment and hotbed. Maybe one of those laser cutter kits for 3D printers. I don't know why for the hobbyists someone hasn't made a 3D printer, mill, and laser cutter combo yet.

  • If we take this and combine it with spectrum analyzer I could have a music source some where that sends the music over bluetooth to this and have an Arduino so something with the spectrum analyzer? Or is there a more simple way to accomplish the same idea but keep the Arduino wireless from the music source?

  • So would this be a possible solution for a pressure sensitive pad you can step on. Something like a square for a DDR dance pad. I am thinking Halloween here and something that triggers when someone steps on it.

  • You know what be perfect for this? A socket to plug it into. Something that could be soldered to strip board. That way you can take right from the breadboard to the strip board.

  • I left the example program run for a half our and no fix. Anyone else have the problem? I printed out the data coming in from newsoft serial and it looks like valid NMEA data, just not acquiring any sats.

  • Can the atmega be reprogrammed? Or an command added to mirror the digits (in case you want to display them using e mirror).

  • Also, to clear up some confusion, they can be cut every 2 LEDs.

  • I received my LED strip yesterday. There are 32 LEDS. My two strips came wired backwards. The two plugs were on the wrong side. Otherwise it works great.

  • I am having difficulties getting this to work. I have a RRRB arduino clone and I am using a MacBook Pro. My Mac sees there is a Firefly device to pair with. What is the pass code? If no pass code how do you set it up? I was able to get the Bluetooth Mate to slowly blink red.

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