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  • Hi Robert! I have a question about updating the firmware. Can it be updated with an USBasp AVR programmer? The cable has MISO,SCK, RST,VCC, MOSI and GND but i don’t know where to wire it to my wav trigger for the transfer. TIA!


  • DOH! i found the problem….Altsoftserial uses PIN 46 instead TX in Arduino MEGA. SOLVED

  • Hi, i need some help testing my wav trigger via Arduino TX —> Wav trigger RX. I have an arduino mega 2560. My wiring setup is TX0 to wav trigger RX and arduino GND to wav trigger GND, then i am using a 12 power supply for the wav trigger and USB for powering the arduino.. Also tried powering the Wav trigger with arduino 5v with the same results: nothing. When i press the onboard test button of the wav trigger the audio runs ok. The code i am using is this:

    include <wavTrigger.h>

    include <AltSoftSerial.h>

    wavTrigger wav;

    void setup() { wav.start(); }

    void loop() { wav.trackPlaySolo(1); delay(5000); }

    Any clue? Best regards


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