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  • I should clarify. I know more hardware is needed between the USB Host shield and the XBee hardware. In fact, I plan to use a Mega 2560 board. If anyone has suggestions/advise that might be helpful please feel free to comment or email me tc@rteamworks.com. If there is interest and I achieve my goal I'd be happy to offer the code.

  • I've purchased and received this board, for the sole purpose of making a sensor that has a USB Device (Type B) interface wireless using an XBee.
    I still have a lot to figure out, but I have a questions as I begin to gather resources and information to complete the task.
    When I navigate to the "Projects and Code" link there is a wealth of information to access, but none of it refer specifically to this shield.
    Can I assume the electrical connections are the same between this product and what is covered? If the discussion and software don't match where can I find out the difference to avoid a trial and error process?

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