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  • this is very wrong, all your pins are mismatched

  • If i'm using your library, how can i connect to certain IP address, let's say to my laptop which is running a webserver?

    thank you.

  • Sorry about local host. yah, you are right, i will run a webserver on my laptop . And then , i want to control led or sensors from the webserver using CC3000. But i don't know how to connect to the webpage via TCP. That's exactly what i'm asking for. client.connect(server,80,TCP) as in the webclient.ino is to connect to specific webpage. How should i put IP address in the place of server so that it will connect to my laptop IP address which will then connect to web server running on my laptop?

    Here is the tutorial that i'm following. sparfun and adafruit hv different libraries. So, i'm having a hard time trying to follow this tutorial which is meant for adafruit wifi breakout board.

  • how to use your library to connect to local host? client.connect(server,80,TCP). what should i put in the place of server? I cannot find tutorials regarding this board. All i found is adafruit. I want to control led from my localhost webserver. Please help !!!

  • thx...bro, help me. i bought this board because i like this special phone network configuration feature that allows me not to make changes inside my program.

  • Yes,exactly. There is only one wifi network that i can connect.

  • Hey shawn,

    I've tried step 1,2 and 3. All worked fine. But smartconfig sketch didn't work. The iphone app never connects to the wifi module. if ( !wifi.startSmartConfig(timeout) ) { Serial.println("Error: Could not connect with SmartConfig");

    Starting from this step. Here is the outcome from the serial monitor.

    SparkFun CC3000 - SmartConfig

    CC3000 initialization complete Starting SmartConfig Send connection details from app now! Waiting to connect... Error: Could not connect with SmartConfig Error: Could not obtain connection details Looking up IP address of: Error: Could not lookup host by name Pinging 3 times... Error: no ping response Error: Could not disconnect from network Finished SmartConfig test

    I pressed the START button in the app as soon as i saw Waiting to connect in serial monitor

  • I followed the hookup guide exactly the same, i tried both iphone and sumsung tablet. But why the breakout board didn't connect to smartconfig app. why? it never connect. Help me!!! FYI . Security = WPA2-personal Encryption type = AES Is it because of the aes?

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