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  • This has proven unsuccessful. Would you, you another, know that switching to use UART (pin 0,1; tx, rx) eliminate the issue? Is there an example of using the UART with this particular shield? Do I simply switch to UART on board, then eliminate the SoftSerial initialization from the code and use Serial just as I would for the console, i.e, Serial.read()? I have not tried this yet just seeking more guidance. Thanks!

  • I am using this shield and configuring xBee s1 with SoftwareSerial pins 2,3. I also have a MPU9150 connected to Analog 4,5 (SDA,SCL). I am also trying to control two servos at PWM pins 9,10. I am experienced odd behavior when xBee is reading in data concerning the Servos. at a 9600 Baud rate for the xBees, I experience (every 4 seconds) an odd jerking of the servos that I cannot seem to pinpoint the issue. I have seen online that there may be an issue using SoftwareSerial in conjunction with Servos in that it may disable interrupts for a brief period of time. Is this still the case? Does anyone have successful use cases of xBee and servo configurations that I can reference and perhaps seek guidance from? Thanks!!!

  • richards-tech, I have found your library to be... beautiful! However, I am struggling to figure out a way to implement it for an Arduino Fio V3, but for a simple reason - the sketch size is too big. Could anyone suggest a way to decrease the sketch size for 1.) the MagCal9150 calibration and 2.)Arduino9150 sample code? This is primarily needed to the calibration, so that I can utilize the 9150 on a FioV3 further...

  • As of about a month and a half ago, Invensense release Embedded MotionDriver 6.1 which claims to be 9-axis solution. I am beginning to work on this, but will need some time. Anyone with any resources or input on this release be much appreciated!

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