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  • Noob question: If I only need one direction, could I only use one output signal and ignore the other one?

  • Hi I bought 2 of these little guys to driver two 125 Oz in. I bought here also. After wiring them up I ran the example code from Bildr tutorial and i got it to move but it was kind of jerky so in an attempt to get it to run smoothly I turned the current adjusting pot one way and the other and suddenly the horror! Magic smoke all over the place! i even saw a glow on the little BED! This happend to both my circuits :( Im kind of new on driving stepper motors so any help as how can I set up the correct amount of current from the pot will be very much appreciated.

    I was supplying 12V the first time and 20V the second. Im looking for the max torque i can get from the stepper.