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  • Their range is 10m / 33ft max from what I've read.

    I imagine you'd keep an eye on the frisbee and be able to get close enough even if it's not known exactly where it is.

  • Add a piezo beeper for when it's not visible as well. It could also act as a senor for 'landing' (Maybe). It might be better to use an accelerometer and gyro to detect the stopping of rotation. A soft landing might not shock the piezo enough.

  • It's not in the spirit of putting a "precise" locator on it - but a piezo beeper and coin cell might be a bit smaller, lighter and robust. Maybe have an 8 pin uC and gyro/accelerometer to delay the start of beeping and make it intermittent - maybe a light as others suggested if it happens to ditch in water.

    Small GPS chips might not have the accuracy needed - especially if you (and it) can't get a clear view of the sky.

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  • I have a La Crosse WS2310 that periodically tells me wind is 100+ mph (When dead calm) - it looks like this uses the same sensors. There are some things you can do to reduce sensitivity to noise. The long wires pick up noise from lightening etc. Took a while to find the link again. Reminds me that I still need to do this.

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