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  • What's up with the quarter on this one? :)

  • "Even though it's a pro-pain to fuel, this'll literally Spark Fun!" -Casey

  • O beautiful for spacious ROMs, for silver blobs of solder....

  • I've had cables like this (from unknown sources) that don't work even with lower speed devices like the Teensy 2.0 since they had no shielding whatsoever and the data lines were untwisted. Does this cable have shielding and a proper twisted pair?

  • I've used a jumper to select between 3.3 and 5 volts before while leaving it plugged in (to the computer, not a connected device). The power light will be off while the jumper is removed, but the USB link still stays functional, and it seems to be working fine! Even if SparkFun just put a footprint for a jumper or SMD switch, that would be better than nothing, though. If they did that, they should still keep the solder jumper for semi-permanently setting the voltage of the breakout.

Piano Bench Mod

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This is a kit for modifying a piano bench for automated...