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  • No relation. ;)

  • A turkey tweeting its temperature while being cooked! Has science gone too far?

  • Yeah I’m not a fan of the font changes either since they’re kinda ugly in my opinion.

  • Props for telling us what’s going on and this is the right way to deal with this situation. Thanks Sparkfun.

    Hopefully the employee(s) that fubared the mid-changed firmware aren’t being given such a hard time cause I know from experience of how such a simple mistake can easily happen, but luckily I don’t deal with such a high volume of boards though. ;)

  • Why do I feel like I’ve just been rick rolled?

  • For those of you who believe that gravatar or anybody else could figure out your email address using md5 hash, please read this answer that was discussed on Stack Overflow:
    Decoding Email Address from Gravatar
    For those of you who rather not want to read the lengthy response, he basically demostrats that it is impossible to figure out the original data that was used to generate the hash in the first place.
    Now if you were to go to gravatar’s website and create account / sign in to set your own avatar image by then they definitely have your email address, so the argument is mute at that point. And of course gravatar will be able to track you by your email address as to what sites(and specific pages) you have posted (not activity visited) on.

  • I wonder what my gravatar is…

  • I just finished assembling and soldering mine tonight. Wasn’t difficult at all and good practice for me. It was such a great relief when I saw that bright red LED light up when I plugged the 9 volt 350mA wall wart.
    I then checked the voltages and got 3.34 volts on the 3.3v and 5.12 volts on the 5v. It’s all good. Thanks SparkFun for such a good kit. :)

  • About the free day thing is there any kind of a dead line? Because it might be up to three weeks from now before I document anything about my projects I’m doing since I’m still doing research to figure out a few problems.

  • Well for small parts like ICs and etc.. they are higher in price than say if you were to get it yourself from mouser or digikey, but if you were to go to Radio Shack (The SHACK now rolls eyes) they would price it four times as much, if they even carried it.
    As for PCBs and other complete working solutions/products they are cheaper over all than you creating it yourself or getting it else where such as bluetooth or GPS modules.

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