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  • I have four of these displays. I plan on upgrading the software to measure the scale speed of a model train, using the "inc/dec" pins of the current board as start/stop inputs from a digital IR Detector. I plan on just adding another Mode to the current software, and a few extra Commands. I plan on making the software changes generic enough that it can measure any speed, at any scale (maybe with a few limitations), to 0.1 MPH or 0.1 KPH.

    The major problem I would have is that the current board does not have a 8MHz crystal on it, so the timing would be to the Factory Default of 10 percent error. I have the crystals and capacitors on order, so I can tack them onto the back of the board, and change the Boot File, to get the accuracy I need.

    Currently, the board is used for display, counting and voltage measurement. None of these require the higher clock accuracy. But are there any plans to replace the Mode Pads on the board with a crystal and capacitors to do higher accuracy timing also? I would definitely purchase a board that was modified that way. Alternatively, would it be possible on the next Board Revision that you could lay out the traces so there will be through-holes for a crystal and capacitors? That latter may be easier, since there are already through-holes for the traces to the Mode Pads that could be used for the crystal and capacitor holes.


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