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  • Does anybody know the differences between this board and the tinyg?

  • this may be slower in some countries

    Does this mean I can use this card in Canada with no additional charges? I just assumed it was a US only thing.

    Nevermind, the comment below answered my question

  • Adafruit has a bunch of them

  • Same, the SMD Uno was listed as backordered when I first attempted to checkout, and it wouldn't let me. By them time I removed it and checked out again the RedBoard was out of stock. Once that was out of my cart I lost the Pro 328 3.3V.

    I'm still getting a good deal, but if I would have known that the backorders would stop the sale I wouldn't have added that Uno initially.

  • For most components that would most likely be listed in the data sheet. If it's not then the worst case scenario is using a volt meter to measure the actual resistance.

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