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  • 1) I have only accolades for Sparkfun's posting of people's projects... it is great to see the variety of projects.
    2) When do you think you could branch out and get us some of those classes in the San Francisco Bay Area - or are there any suggestions of similar classes, i.e. local groups associated with Sparkfun?

  • Pete, great video... I'd be interested in the entire process myself.
    Disco feva'!

  • Skip, not sure you looked closely enough. The heat flow calculations are all there, you just need to plug the numbers in. The first implementation is a prototype using small vessels, just to get the idea of how the control electronics would work.
    It is very doable to cool 5 gallon fermentation vessels this way. It becomes difficult if you want them extremely cold. In the same manner, there are also many thermoelectric refrigerators for wine storage out there currently.
    Also, this project is for pure enjoyment of the hobby, and anytime you have the chance to combine two hobbies, more power to you. As this is a hobby, there is no need to follow strict rules of implementation. I apologize if you were deceived.

  • Please read the blog first:
    "Overall for a system of this size or larger, a typical compression refrigeration system may be more efficient - but that wasn't the point of the project."

  • noworries - can you give an example of the low impedance circuit required to create the rapid on/off to drive the FET?

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