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  • Hi,
    I've used some of the other Nordic 2.4ghz stuff but only sender/receiver in close proximity to each other.
    I'm thinking of using this to blib on the courtyard lights - does anyone know how line of sight/or lack off impacts the quoted transmission range?

  • Perhaps I'm using this wrong, but the head band is neither comfortable or particularly supportive and while it certainly magnifies effectively, the focal point is about 2" so it's no good for soldering - your nose is very close to the iron.
    As such it's very much an inspection tool.

  • The nRF24AP1 is compatible with modern Garmin and Sunnto products that use the ANT protocol.
    I can't speak for Garmin, but this isn't true for Suunto. Yes this device speaks ANT so is technically compatible, but I'm told by a technical contact within the ANT+ alliance that Suunto use private network keys and proprietary device profiles which mean you can't just plug it in an expect it to work.
    I'll contact Suunto and see what's involved here (as I already have a developer account with them) but if they won't give up the goods this is pretty much a $25 ornament.
    Now that I've got my hissy fit out of the way, if anyone has gone down this route with Suunto in the past, or believes that you can pair this with a Suunto HRM successfully, I'd welcome any pointers.

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