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  • I currently am using one of these on a robot for a school soccer competition. While I had this on my brand new RedBoard with a WRL-11786 and a BOB-12009 soldered to the shield, the voltage regulator on the RedBoard started overheating. I took the shield off the RedBoard and the voltage regulator cooled off. When I noticed this, I notified my teammate who soldered everything together. We double-checked all the connections, solder joints, code, and we cleared any solder debris off the shield. Same thing happened again. Turns out, using both ground holes in the board caused this. We fixed it by putting both ground wires onto two of the holes that were bridged and used a third bridged hole to connect everything to ground. We haven't had any more problems so far. Anybody have an explanation for this?

  • Currently, I'm making a soccer bot for school with an Arduino for a brain and crontrolled via bluetooth by my tablet. I'm thinking a similar thing for this. I want to try wifi sometime though

  • Simply doubling up the thread won't work. 2X the tread means more current needed to heat up the thread, I'm not sure how much more current though.

  • Would powering this from my hacked battery holder, 8 AA to barrel jack, work? Or should I use a different portable power source?

  • My teleportation device is almost finished, I just have to debug the problem where a person goes one place, and their life force, another. So far, no one has died...permanently.

  • Found your problem. You're using the wrong phone. "Android OS v2.3 and up or the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 (but not the 5S) running iOS 6."

  • TJ looks like he's looking at a project involving a bright blue laser in a dark room and wondering either why it doesn't work or how can he hack it

  • I wonder if I can mod one of these iPod connectors to work with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

  • Every day I get on SparkFun, I see something I didn't expect to find. This is why SparkFun and sites like it are beautiful

  • Hacking this and putting my Arduino on it with a wireless communication to control it from my tablet sounds like fun