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  • Thanks. Not everyone is using the Arduino software suite. I think the hardware documentation should not make assumptions. There are two I2C devices on the ESP32 and nothing intuitively indicates the Qwiic connector on that particular board just connects to GPIO 22/23. As a side note, my problem was that the default I2C address of the SparkFun BME680 breakout does not match the default I2C address of the BOSCH BME680 chip, as such the official BOSCH BSEC library does not work on that breakout without either modifying the library, or soldering a jumper on the breakout board. Several hours wasted for no good reason.

  • Your "default" address of 0x77 is actually BME680_I2C_ADDR_SECONDARY in the BOSCH Sensortec library, and their code don't work on your breakout unless either the library code or the breakout are modified, which is very unfortunate. Why did you pick their secondary address as your default?

    from bm2680_defs.h (BSEC

    /** BME680 I2C addresses */

    #define BME680_I2C_ADDR_PRIMARY UINT8_C(0x76)

    #define BME680_I2C_ADDR_SECONDARY UINT8_C(0x77)

  • What are the GPIO pin numbers of the SDA/SCL pins on the Qwiic connector, and is it I2C_NUM_0 or I2C_NUM_1?

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