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  • It reminds me of this other fine example of (ahem) our tax dollars at work..

    DHS raids toy store over expired Rubik's Cube patent

  • Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I'd be flattered.

    Now, if these $15 meters were in fact similar in quality to my more expensive branded meters, well then yes, I'd be pretty pissed off then too - but only because because someone would be knocking down a house of cards on which I depended.

  • So what you are implying by the context of your comment is that a yellow color may be considered some kind of guarantee against electrocution, and therefore to protect the lives of professionals who work with high voltages, inexpensive imported multimeters must absolutely not be permitted to be colored yellow.

  • THE Question: Are Fluke products expensive because of quality and accuracy, or are they expensive primarily because of their ability to abuse IP laws to suppress credible competition?

    The answer: Trademark laws are intended to prevent confusion in the marketplace. If an inexpensive Chinese import which doesn't say "Fluke" on it anywhere (nor anything spelled remotely similar) can be kept out of the US market based on an argument about its coloration, well then, it becomes painfully apparent that any distinct value in Fluke products must be at least in part, skin deep.

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