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  • Also, 30 years ago, it wasn't so easy to see the variety of multimeters out there. I don't remember seeing any yellow multimeters 30 years ago, but all I really knew was what Radio Shack carried.

  • It goes the other way too.. To someone that is unfamiliar with electronic equipment and they buy one of these and it's complete shit and breaks after a month, the next time they see a similar looking Fluke, they might think "Oh yeah I had one of those meters, and they suck ass"

  • This is a rare case where I'm not rooting for the little guy. If I owned a company that made a very high quality product and all these shitty knock-offs started flooding the market, I'd be pretty pissed off. The whole purpose of these meters looking the way they do is to look like a Fluke meter - they don't look that way by chance. Fluke isn't bullying anyone, I think they're totally justified in this case.

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