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  • The point of the write up is that Sparkfun thinks the criteria of the copyright is BS. The point that they, and you, seem to be missing, is that regardless of that BS, their meter clearly resembles a Fluke meter. None of this "but our meter is actually kind of orange". Go look at a Fluke 17B. Go look at the picture. Its a knock off, plain and simple. It may not have been intentional, but it's here, clear as day.

  • Well, a big issue here is that there are already counterfeit products made to look like Fluke products. When I was shopping on ebay for a multimeter, I had to make sure I didn't buy a knockoff by accident.

    So what Sparkfun has is a product that looks like a counterfeit, in a market which is already vigilant about counterfeits. If you look at a Fluke 17B, you'll see the two meters are pretty similar.

    When I see some guy selling MP3 players made to look like iPods, I don't run to the FBI or whoever. But if he lost 30k trying to import them from China, I wouldn't shed a tear, either.

    That said, I don't think Sparkfun was trying to hoodwink anyone. I do think it is unfortunate that their meter so closely resembles a Fluke, and the penalty they face is unreasonable.

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