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  • Why? You can get an AcuRite 02020 Portable Lightning Detector for just a few bucks more than the lightning detector board alone. Fits in your pocket.

  • I don't get it - $3 worth of parts and a $93.95 Geiger tube??? You can buy Geiger tubes for $6 to $16 on an auction site and build your own HV supply from a handful of parts. Why match choose such an expensive Geiger tube for an experimenter's project? And they don't even provide a radiation source sample for you to check the thing out! By the way, you can buy smoke detectors that have an Americium radiation pellet in them for about $5. Rip it apart and the Americium pellet is a great radiation source for testing and calibration.

  • 0 ohm resistors? I've got spools of those and they've even got insulation on the outside.

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