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  • I have meters colored yellow from the 1980's and 1990's. One has a removable yellow soft moulding to protect the meter. The meter itself is also yellow. The meter is a Dick Smith Electronics Q-1542. This meter was most likely purchased during the 1980's. Another is a Dick Smith model purchased during the 1990's. I cannot currently find it, though it is yellow. The decal is IIRC also yellow. Surely, prior art is at issue here. Yellow and yellow surrounds are clearly used by others well before this trademark was issued in 2000. Yellow is a "common usage" safety color used in may things, including test equipment, power boards, earth leakage adapters, etc.

    The Apple vs Samsung is completely different. Samsung clearly copied Apple, not only the case, but the location of buttons, the look and feel of the GUI interface, including copying the icon style, etc, etc. There was even an internal memo released that revealed Samsung was deliberately doing this.

    Let's boycott Fluke!

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