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  • It is an exponential decay (often seen in natural systems) that should appear (approximately) linear on a log scale.
    ln e^{-ax} = -ax

  • Such an obvious mistake I made.
    The reason why my Crystal wasn't driven using the capacitors... I put the wrong caps in! I used the .1 uF instead of the 22 pF caps.
    About four times the capacitance surely helped stop any oscillation.

  • I had the same problem. I was using the ATMega168, but my situation was otherwise identical. I turned off the power, removed the 22pF caps and it is blinking like a champ!
    I don't have an O-scope to figure out what was going on, but I verified this by setting the low fuse bit back to 62, replacing the caps, and setting it back again to E6.
    Sure was to find out I hadn't bricked my first AVR.

  • This sounds really interesting! You guys should set up a video recorder -- I'd certainly pay the $5 for a downloaded lesson! Unfortunately I'm way too far away to attend.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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