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  • I completely agree that trademarking the color "yellow" is ridiculously broad and entirely too subjective, who decides exactly when a shade of yellow becomes orange or chartreuse? However, I did search for images of various Fluke multimeters and compared them side by side with the Sparkfun meters, they all retain some obvious differences and while it's apparent the Sparkfun meter isn't intended to be a counterfeit or knock off, there are a couple of models that are extremely similar beyond just the colors and could easily be confused. A little too similar to be an accident I think.

    That said, and while I applaud Fluke for stepping up to make things right when far too many companies wouldn't have lifted a finger other than maybe to call their lawyer brigade, the trademark on yellow is garbage, having no opportunity for recourse is garbage, turning thousands of tools into garbage is garbage, and at the end of it all receiving a bill for the destruction of your property is bullshit.

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